» DiMetal-M50E

Designed specifically for the vocational education industry, this new generation boasts a standout feature: metal 3D melting without the need for inert gas protection.This makes it ideal for cost-effective education and training, providing comprehensive metal 3D printing operations and skills training for students and vocational trainees.

  • φ70X50mm Build Cylinder Size
  • No Need For Protective Gas Operation
  • High-Precision Scanning Galvanometer for Exceptional Precision and Robust Stability
  • Dual Circulation Wind Site Protection System
  • Multiple Safety Measures Ensure High Safety Performance.
Non-Inert Gas M50E Faculty Printer


Laseradd DiMetal-M50E SLM 3D Printer
External Dimensions(L*W*H): 720*810*1500mm(28.3*31.8*59 in)
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H): φ70*50mm(φ2.7*1.9 in)
Scanning Speed: 7m/s
Laser Type: Fiber Laser 30W(wind cooling)
Galvanometer: High Precision Scanning System
Materials: Customized Metal Alloy Materials
Powder Delivery: Double Cylinder One Way Powder Feeding


  • 1
    No Need For Inert Gas Protection

    Utilizing a new material, tin-silver alloy, characterized by a low melting point and resistance to chemical reactions with air.

  • 2
    Built-in Air Filteration Device

    Compact Size, saving space, and easy to move.

  • 3
    Dual Circulation Wind Site Protection System

    Dual-circulation wind site protection system to extend the lifespan of the optical components

  • 4
    Full Pop-up Position System

    Easy to thoroughly clean the powder in the cylinder.


  • DiMetal-M50E
    M50E print Lizard Crafts with Tin Silver alloy powder

    layer thickness TBC

    Print time TBC


  • Explosion-proof wet vacuum cleaner
    Explosion-proof wet vacuum cleaner

    To clean and clean the dust on the surface of metal 3D printers. To clean the dust and impurities in the forming cavity of the metal 3D printer. To clean the residual powder in the screw holes of the forming substrate of the metal 3D printer, so as to install and fix the screws.

  • Drying Oven
    Drying Oven

    To dry metal powder materials to be printed

  • Oscillating sieving machine
    Oscillating sieving machine

    To sieve the metal powder material recovered after printing, and remove the impurities produced by the metal powder during the printing process; To sieve powder materials with substandard particle sizes in metal powder.


  • 1
    φ70mm 45# steel forming plate*4pcs

    It can be used to print for Tin Siver alloy

  • 2
    Filter Core

    Filter element for air circulation device*4pcs, each one can be used 300 hours

  • 3
    Soft recoating blade

    10 units, suggest to change each month