» DiMetal-M650

Multi-laser, large-size metal SLM equipment with a forming size of 625mmx625mmx1100mm represents a milestone in Laseradd’s years of technology accumulation. This equipment stands as one of the few in the domestic market capable of forming large sizes.DiMetal-650 is a representative work, demonstrating Laseradd’s commitment to technological advancement. Its applications extend to the aerospace, mold, automotive industries, and other sectors where large-size parts find widespread use.

  • 625x625x1100mm Build Cylinder Size
  • Quad IPG Lasers& Scanlab galvanometer
  • F-Theta Lenses Or Dynamic Focusing System
  • Built-in Air Circulation Device And Water Cooling Device
  • Real-time Monitoring Interface
Quad IPG Lasers M650 large format printer


Laseradd DiMetal-M650 SLM 3D Printer
External Dimensions(L*W*H): 3105x1830x4240mm
Build Cylinder Size(L*W*H): 625x625x1100mm
Scanning Speed: 34m/s
Laser Type: Quad IPG Laser 500W(more lasers are optional)
Galvanometer: F theta lenses or dynamic focusing system
Inert Gas Protection: Argon/Nitrogen
Powder Delivery: Double cylinder two-way powder feeding(one way powder feeding is optional by control software)


  • 1
    Large-size Multi-laser Co-radiating Surface Efficient Forming

    Multiple lasers and multiple galvanometers work together simultaneously with the same format, which can increase the forming efficiency by more than 80% and achieve efficient forming of large-size parts.

  • 2
    Intelligent Operation Design

    Unattended automatic printing operation, automatic/manual control free switching, self-diagnosis function, safety protection and automatic fault alarm

  • 3
    Fresh Air Protection System

    The efficient operation of Laseradd fresh air system and double-circulation wind field protection ensure more stable forming and extend the service life of optical parts.

  • 4
    Full Pop-up Position System

    More convenient and quicker to replace metal powders, and 100% eliminates cross powder contamination when replacing powders.


  • sample-img-01
    M50E print Lizard Crafts with Tin Silver alloy powder

    layer thickness TBC

    Print time TBC

  • sample-img-02
    M50E print Lizard Crafts with Tin Silver alloy powder

    layer thickness TBC

    Print time TBC

  • sample-img-03
    M50E print Lizard Crafts with Tin Silver alloy powder

    layer thickness TBC

    Print time TBC


  • Explosion-proof wet vacuum cleaner
    Explosion-proof wet vacuum cleaner

    To clean and clean the dust on the surface of metal 3D printers. To clean the dust and impurities in the forming cavity of the metal 3D printer. To clean the residual powder in the screw holes of the forming substrate of the metal 3D printer, so as to install and fix the screws.

  • Drying Oven
    Drying Oven

    To dry metal powder materials to be printed

  • Oscillating sieving machine
    Oscillating sieving machine

    To sieve the metal powder material recovered after printing, and remove the impurities produced by the metal powder during the printing process; To sieve powder materials with substandard particle sizes in metal powder.


  • 1
    625*625mm 45# forming plate*4pcs

    Aluminum alloy forming plate is optional

  • 2
    Filter Core

    Filter element for air circulation device*4pcs, each one can be used 300 hours

  • 3
    Soft recoating blade

    10 units, suggest to change each month